A Broader Vision: 2029 Five-Year Plan

//A Broader Vision: 2029 Five-Year Plan

A Broader Vision: 2029 Five-Year Plan

North Broad Renaissance Releases 5-Year Plan Focused on Business Attraction and Business Retention


PHILADELPHIA, PA (December 28, 2023) – The North Broad Renaissance (NBR) has released its strategic plan for fiscal year 2024-2029. Outlined in the plan are the organization’s new mission, vision, and values, as well as the key goals for the next five years including leveraging the current workaround cleaning, greening, and safety, and building a strategy around business attraction and retention to support economic development and marketing goals.


The full plan can be accessed here: A Broader Vision: 2029 Five-Year Plan.


“The NBR is excited to execute the goals in this plan, as it incorporates feedback from stakeholders and recognizes the progress made by the NBR over the last five years,” said Shalimar Thomas, Executive Director of the NBR. “I am particularly proud of the goals around business attraction and retention as it reflects the need to help sustain current and future businesses and position North Broad as a key player in the hospitality and tourism market.”


An overview of the four strategic initiatives are as follows:


Clean & Safe Programming: Continue current cleaning and trash removal services while implementing focused programming that will enhance safety and address the issues of mental illness, trauma, and homelessness.


Marketing & Communications: Maintain and expand the current NBR customer base and identify untapped opportunities while more broadly projecting North Broad as a key destination for hospitality and tourism.

Business Attraction & Retention: Expand efforts to support existing businesses and attract new businesses, create a formal business attraction and retention program, growand promote available commercial space, and customize efforts for the four thematic districts.


Maintenance, Landscaping, & Capital Improvements: Maintain and rejuvenate existing planting beds, add new common pedestrian areas, and re-energize the North Poles.


The new mission of the NBR is to support North Broad Street’s vitalization by improving its economic vitality and overall quality of life.


About North Broad Renaissance (NBR): The North Broad Renaissance (NBR) is a nationally recognized, growing non-profit that currently manages both the North Broad Business Improvement District and the North Broad Special Service District. The organization is doing the important work of vitalizing North Broad Street by improving its economic vitality and overall quality of life. Our work around cleaning, greening, safety, business attraction, business retention, and employment is directly impacting more than 50,000 residents, in eight neighborhoods, from City Hall to Butler Street.

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