Our Projects

Clean & Safe North Broad

There is a visibly cleaner and safer North Broad. In the past year, North Broad has seen a 16% decrease in the overall litter, and improvements in the litter index. The North Broad Renaissance (NBR) continues to use a strategic approach to tackle and improve litter, which is why we are currently working on the “That’s Your Butt” cigarette butt litter campaign. To learn more, email info@northbroad.org.

Maintenance & Landscaping Projects

The NBR has 61 planters that it is responsible for maintaining, and we realize the opportunity we can have in creating more vibrant green space along the corridor while supporting economic development. As a result (and using the University City District’s model as a best practice) the organization has decided to launch the Broader Green program in North Philadelphia, that will train and hire residents from the North Broad community to help maintain the planters all with the goal of improving the overall economic vitality in one of Philadelphia’s poorest communities. Sign up for NBR emails today to stay updated!

Marketing & Communications

Marketing North Broad businesses and the corridor has become extremely vital as small businesses suffer from the economic fallout of COVID-19. Programs like the NBR Facebook Live Series provide a platform to educate, engage and promote businesses along the corridor to support their growth and the growth of the corridor.

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Economic Development

The North Broad Renaissance (NBR), the non-profit supporting revitalization efforts along North Broad between City Hall and Germantown Avenue, will launch the Reopened with Care© marketing campaign. The campaign is aimed at building consumer trust and making safety a priority as social distancing restrictions are lifted and North Broad Street begins to reopen. The Reopen with Care© campaign provides incentives for businesses to incorporate COVID-19 standards of safety to officially become a business that has Reopened With Care©. In return, businesses will receive complimentary marketing and other business retention services.

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We’d like to thank our top sponsors for taking time to invest in the work we are doing to improve North Broad Street.

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