Our Programs

Clean & Safe North Broad

Businesses and individuals only thrive when our community is a clean and safe place to live, work, and play. Since 2016, NBR’s Clean and Safe program has been working to provide a flawless experience for more than 50,000 residents. Many of our workers are from the neighborhood and help with the cleaning throughout the four-mile North Broad business corridor. In partnership with various city agencies and the community, we help maintain the beauty and vibrancy of the corridor year-round.

Maintenance & Landscaping Projects

The NBR has 61 planters that it is responsible for maintaining, and we realize the opportunity we can have in creating more vibrant green space along the corridor while supporting economic development. We work with vendors committed to hiring at-risk populations. In addition, the NBR serves as an advocate to increase funding to open and green spaces in underserved communities. Sign up for NBR emails today to stay updated!

Marketing & Communications

NBR’s Marketing, Communications, and Outreach program helps keep the community engaged and connected to development along the North Broad Street corridor. Members of the community are also recruited to become paid volunteers responsible for visiting businesses and sharing important information. In addition, through efforts like the Lights of North Broad campaign, we work with organizations like Visit Philly to promote the corridor and bring Philly’s incredible hospitality and tourism market to North Broad Street.

Click here to learn more about the Lights of North Broad marketing campaign.

Economic Development

NBR is actively raising funds to keep small businesses vibrant and decrease vacancy rates along the commercial corridor by providing forgivable loans for interior/exterior improvements and technical, legal, marketing, and accounting support. We also identify vacancies and development opportunities with the goal of creating NBR “districts” that increase employment opportunities and enable residents and visitors to benefit physically, culturally, and economically from North Broad’s revitalization. These districts include Technology and Innovation District (N. Broad & Spring Garden); Arts & Culture District (N. Broad & Fairmount/Ridge); Health District (N. Broad & Germantown); and the Business District (N. Broad & Lehigh).

We’d like to thank our top sponsors for taking time to invest in the work we are doing to improve North Broad Street.

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