NBR finishes a Summer of youth development

//NBR finishes a Summer of youth development

NBR finishes a Summer of youth development

On August 25, the North Broad Renaissance Fellows finished the NBR Fellowship Program, which aimed to combine a student’s community engagement with their academic and career goals. NBR Fellows were committed to working in a sustained, intentional, and intensive way that works to address issues in one of our four focus areas: Clean and Safe Environments, Marketing and Communications, Maintenance and Landscaping and Economic Development.

Throughout the summer, the students participated in various challenges in the above mentioned strategic areas of focus. The final project included a presentation to support Called to Serve efforts to improve the green space at the intersection of North Broad, Germantown Avenue and Butler Street.

Amelia Price, Director of  Called to Serve was among the local leaders who participated in the presentation and judging….View Full Article

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